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Morocco is the north African land of breath-taking views and known for its heat, but from the flat West Sahara deserts to the high Atlas Mountains. Take yourself into Arabic and indulged in the culture and the foods that they have, which is full of flavour and they drink mint tea in the desert with the Berbers. You can also discover in new cultures, take a long stroll down winding alleys, looking for pottery in their famous never ending markets.

Visit the famous Marrakech for the city break or even in Morocco you can head to the beach Agadir, why not be inspired by this beautiful land.

Marrakesh is a North West African destination will sure wake you up if you’ve had a heavy night in this beautiful town. You can explore Marrakesh on a city break and get lost in its massive market, breathing in the smell the atmosphere and sights. You can also enjoy the shisha fruity tagines with the mint tea? Whatever you decide to do, Morocco has it all.

If you like ancient places, why not visit the old medina to get the real feel of Arab life. You can visit the mosque, enjoy a mint tea in a café hidden in a alleyway or head to the side of Fez if you would like to have some retail therapy.

Agadir has the 9km of the soft sandy beaches and the clear warm seas, fantastic family holiday with the beach and the fabulous hotels on site.

When to visit

Summers in Morocco are seriously hot. In Marrakech, you’re looking at temperatures that edge towards 40°C in July and August. Coastal spots like Agadir and Essaouira have near-constant sea breezes, though, which stop things getting too sweltering. The heat in spring and autumn is a bit more manageable, with temperatures swinging between 22°C and 28°C. Winter is a great time to visit if you’re seeing the sights or browsing the souks – the mercury still lies in the low 20s and rain showers are pretty infrequent. Bring something to wrap up with after dark, though – night-time temperatures can plummet in this part of the world.